Training School

Fatra regards training as essential for the correct selection and installation of roofing systems. As the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) website says 'Properly trained employees and subcontractors are safer, work faster, stay motivated and make fewer mistakes'. For this reason Fatra places a great emphasis on training, these services are available to customers of Fatra from Roofing Contractor and Main Contractor staff to architects and designers.

The training is available in different packages:

Fitter Training

To install a Fatra roof the fitter must be trained by a Fatra Field Technician and work for a Fatra Approved Contractor. Once they have successfully completed the training course they are monitored on site to ensure they have grasped the principles of welding, fixing and detailing the different Fatra roofs. The competent trained fitter is issued with a ‘Fatra Fitters Card’, a photo ID card that registers the fact they are able to install the Fatra roof systems correctly.

Tool Box Talks

Short reviews of the Fatra systems, carried out on site they also make sure the trained fitter is up to date with new products and techniques.

Design Seminars

As part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) designers can request a presentation from Fatra which covers the principles of selecting and designing the different Fatra roofing systems. Topics covered include thermal performance, system selection and designing details.


Fatra also offers bespoke training for its customers as required to equip all involved in a project with the necessary information to enable the roof to be installed correctly.

For further information on the Fatra Training Programme please contact Fatra.


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