Fatra Roofing Contractors

An essential part of procuring a new roof is the selection of a suitably qualified roofing contractor. Fatra Roofing Contractors are chosen for their positive approach to installing roofs; they use trained fitters and the Fatra technical support services to ensure the roof is installed correctly.

Not all contractors are suitable for all projects. While some Fatra contractors have a wide variety of skills and experience, others specialise in certain types of projects such as large industrial buildings or small domestic refurbishment.

Many Fatra roofing contractors are accredited to the Environmental Standard ISO14001; these are promoted by Fatra as ‘Green Team’ contractors as part of Fatra’s aim to reduce our impact on the environment.

Using their knowledge of the contractor’s strengths and the project’s requirements Fatra are able to advise on which roofing contractors are suitable for your project. This gives reassurance that the roof is being installed by contractors who know what they are doing, are having their installation inspected by a Fatra Field Technician, and are backed by Fatra’s technical resources.

All working together to make sure your roof is installed as it should be.

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