Fatra Refurbishment Roofing Systems

To construct a new building is not always the most cost-effective or environmentally sensitive approach. Fatra roofing systems help make the refurbishment of older buildings viable and with the addition of new insulation can assist with reducing carbon emissions and complying with Building Regulations concerning the environment.

In some cases the Fatra systems can be used over existing felt, asphalt, single ply or even metal roofs with the existing roofing materials left in place so that the disruption to the buildings' users is minimised and contributions to landfill avoided.

Installing Fatra can give an existing building a waterproof and thermally upgraded roof that will last another 30 years.

A detailed survey should be carried out to ascertain whether the existing roof coverings have deteriorated to the extent that they must be stripped off, or if it is possible to overlay the existing roof. Fatras' technical support will then help you ascertain which of the Fatra systems are suitable for your roof. They can also guide you through all the other items such as detailing, insulation selection and wind uplift to ensure your project is successful.

The starting point is to contact Fatra and discuss your project with our technical team. They can guide you towards the most appropriate approach for your project.



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