Mechanically Fixed Fatra Roofs

The Fatra Mechanically Fastened System provides unique benefits to both the installer and the client. Developed over 15 years ago and used on projects across the UK it avoids many of the disadvantages of other systems.

The key of the Fatra system is to use one fixing to both install the insulation and also secure the membrane. With this approach the roofing contractor spends less time selecting and drilling fixings into the deck, the designer is given freedom to work with complex shapes and the client benefits from a roof that is secured at regular intervals and so does not show violent movement in high winds.

The membrane used is the Fatra FF810 reinforced PVC sheet. Containing up to 30% recycled materials, after its' 30 years plus life it can in turn be recycled. It has been assessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) as having a unique 'eco-points' score, the only PVC roofing system to achieve this.

The system is normally used on profiled metal or timber deck, or in areas of high wind load. For more information, and details on how to use the mechanically fixed system, please contact us.

The Fatra Mechanically Fixed System is backed by a comprehensive range of accessories including Fatrametal trims, rainwater outlets, fixings and FF812 walkways. These all combine to give one of the fastest and most economical to install systems available in the UK today, but with the added reassurance it will not cost the earth in the future.


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