Green Fatra Roofing Systems

Providing a green space on a roof top is not a new idea, but modern technology has evolved to make green roofs an option on many projects that would not have previously considered them. In addition environmental concerns have helped to identify the greening of roof tops as an ideal way of reducing rainwater runoff, increase urban bio-diversity and reduce the urban heat island effect.

Using Fatra membranes as the waterproofing system for the green roof gives clients the option to extend their environmental preferences to the waterproofing layers of the roof instead of using non-recyclable products for this element.

A Fatra adhered roof provides an idea base for a green roof. It is secure once installed, not relying on the green roof products for ballast, it is well drained and so enables better water management. It is also light weight which helps keep the important total weight of the green roof to a minimum.

The Fatra membranes have been tested to FLL standards and can be used on extensive sedum roofs or intensive 'garden' roofs. Because of their environment credentials Fatra membranes are often used on bio-diverse roofs – an approach to the roof design that particularly looks to improve the environment through the careful selection of materials and landscaping to encourage wildlife such as insects and birds onto the roofscape.

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