Adhered Fatra Roofing Systems

The range of Fatra fleece backed membranes gives the roofing contractor and designer the option to bond the roofing system to the substrate. This helps avoid costly and noisy drilling into concrete and can be installed to provide an aesthetic exposed finish or can form the base for a paved or green roof.

Containing up to 30% recycled products and lasting over 30 years (as tested by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) the Fatra system used on a variety of building types and is a popular solution for many projects.

Fatra offers 2 fleece-backed membranes for the adhered systems. The most common membrane is FF807V which has a thin fleece and is simply bonded to insulation using a special Fatra adhesive which is suitable for use with many insulation types. The 1.65 metre width reduces the amount of hot air welding needed.

For refurbishment the FF807 membrane has a thicker fleece and so can be bonded onto failed bituminous felts or asphalt. This provides a flame free option for reroofing failed flat roofs and increasing their life span without disruption to the buildings' occupants.

The Fatra Adhered Systems are backed by a comprehensive range of accessories including Fatra vapour control layers, Fatrametal trims, rainwater outlets, fixings and FF812 walkways.

Fatra FF812 Standing Seam Profiles can also be added to the finished roof to reproduce the appearance of a metal roof. Fatra can also provide a wide range of green roof finishes through our supply partners. For an amenity roof the system can be covered in ballast or paving slabs.


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