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Fatra manufacture a large range of products in a variety of different materials. In the UK there are five main membranes currently in use, each one has a design life without maintenance of ‘in excess of 30 years’ (BBA) and has been selected to give the best performance with minimum impact on the environment. They can contain recycled content, up to 30% in some cases, and are in turn able to be recycled at the end of their useful life. All are manufactured to the Quality Standard ISO9001 and the Environmental Standard ISO14001, as assessed by Bureau Veritas.


A high performance, polyester-mesh reinforced PVC-P roof waterproofing membrane, designed for use as a mechanically fixed waterproofing covering. It is 1.5mm thick giving it improved resistance to damage. The membrane is made from up to 30% recycled materials and at the end of its useful life can be recycled by Fatra into new membranes.

The British Board of Agrement has assessed that FF810 will last of 30 years. The membrane does not need any maintenance.

In addition FF810 has been assessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and is part of the only PVC roofing system to be listed in the BRE’s ‘Red Book’ and have unique ‘Eco-points’.


A high performance PVC-P roof waterproofing membrane with a non-woven polyester fleece-backing, designed for use as a fully adhered waterproofing covering. It comes in two variants; Narrow FF807 1.3m wide rolls are for refurbishment projects where the smaller rolls are easier to handle on a roof and the  thicker fleece assists in bonding to existing substrates or acting as a separation layer over felt or asphalt roofing. Wider FF807V is for new build projects where the fleece acts to enhance the bond between the membrane and the new insulation board.

The British Board of Agrément has assessed that FF807 will last of 30 years. The membrane does not need any maintenance.


A non-fleece backed variant of FF807 and is designed for detail working and finishing e.g. penetrations, vertical abutments etc. It is not suitable for main field area application.


Designed for use as a slip-resistant walkway. The membrane has a textured surface and is ideal for the demarcation of maintenance routes and should be installed in a contrasting colour to the main field area.

It is also used as the waterproofing liner for the Fatra range of gutters giving a unique slip resistant finish that does not impede the flow of water.


A profile that can be welded to a completed Fatra roof (normally FF807) to give the appearance of a standing seam roof at a fraction of the cost.


Fatra supply a wide range of associated products and accessories including rainwater outlets, gutters, lightning conductor clips, adhesives, Fatrametal trims and fixings that complement our membranes and enable our contractors to provide a complete roofing system. For more details please contact Fatra.


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