Main Contractor

Main contactors often find that the building envelope continues to be one of the main areas where it is difficult to control costs and maintain quality.

Many have discovered that Fatras’ informed and in-depth approach resolves these problems, providing an economic solution without the risk of defects.

Fatra can provide design information and then give estimates of costing for different options and so assist in the system selection. Fatra also provides support in the selection of roofing contractor and the Fatra Field Technicians visit site regularly to confirm that the roof is being installed correctly.

Fatra 'tool box talks' and presentations to site staff increase awareness of the products and processes happening on the roof and so give the main contractor greater control of the package.

Several main contractors have chosen Fatra to become a part of their supply chain. This has enabled them to integrate the benefits of using Fatra and our supply chain into their procurement and so increase their profitability and reduce defects.

The benefits of using Fatra as part of an integrated supply chain include:

  • Increased efficiencies by Fatra supporting your operational procurement & technical staff at all times
  • Fatra’s continual innovation provides the most up to date technical information based on the latest innovative products to ensure the maximum value engineering opportunities are utilised
  • Intensive support to both the design and site staff to enable all to provide the highest quality roofs on time and within budget.
  • Fatra inspections of completed projects to confirm that the roof system have been installed to our high standards

By engaging with our clients at this level of detail Fatra are able to offer market leading levels of quality backed by guarantees that are tailored to specific requirements. As building technology becomes ever more complex and our clients look for greater efficiencies and increased quality Fatra will continue to learn from our current projects and work to satisfy our customers.




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