Fatra makes high quality products and the results from the leading authorities in the UK prove this time after time. Whether for life expectancy, environmental impact, fire resistance or quality management, in every case Fatra membranes have provided outstanding results.

There are three main approvals in the UK that give reassurance that a roofing product performs to the highest standard:


British Board of Agrément (BBA)

The certificates from the BBA bring together a number of tests including physical performance and fire resistance and certify the product is ‘fit for purpose’.  In the case of Fatra the BBA has given a life expectancy of in excess of 30 years and confirmed the membranes as suitable for use as water proofing for light weight, ballasted or green roofs.

Building Research Establishment (BRE) – Environmental Profiles Scheme

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) set up this scheme to provide an on-going, independent assessment of construction products. The aim is to help 'cut through the confusion of claims and counterclaims about green credentials' (BRE website).

Fatra have had a number of complete roof build ups tested and are the first PVC membrane manufacturer to have had these assessments carried out to provide a factual basis to their environmental approach.

The information can then used in BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and other similar systems to reduce the impact of the building. When considered in conjunction with Fatra’s 30 year plus life it can be seen that the Fatra offer is outstanding in its credibility.

The results can be accessed via the BRE website.

British Standards

In order to reliably supply products into the UK Fatra is committed to quality management and in 1994 achieved ISO9001 (Quality management) for not only the design and manufacture of membranes but also the design and manufacture of the raw PVC products.

In 2000 Fatra added to this by achieving ISO14001 (Environmental management) again for the design and manufacturer of PVC pellets and membranes.

Combined these approvals give the designer and client assurance that Fatra manufacture quality products, with a minimal environmental impact, consistently, giving reliable roofing time after time.

For more information on the other approvals achieved by Fatra please contact us.


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